EART3337 Coastal Environments

The Australian coastline is a dynamic environment, dominated by ocean processes, the movement of sediments, and presence of marine ecosystems. A detailed understanding of coastal processes is ultimately required to successfully manage the ever increasing demands humans place on coasts. This unit examines the processes that shape the coastal environment including coastal weather systems; nearshore ocean processes (e.g. tides, waves, nearshore currents); sediment types and transport; coastal erosion; coastal water quality; and an introduction to integrated coastal zone management.

EART4403 Coastal and Estuarine Processes

In this unit students examine natural processes occurring in estuarine and exposed coastal environments. Topics investigated and studied include linear wave theory, short- and long-term wave statistics, wave spectra, shoaling, refraction, reflection and diffraction of water waves, wave set up and runup, coastal sediment transport mechanisms, beach morphology and morphodynamics, sand budgets, beach erosion problems and their mitigation, rip currents, longshore currents, surf beat; and tsunami and storm surges, tides and estuarine mixing, coastal groundwater dynamics.